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Paperhut Project

The Paperhut Project

Itís an open ended project with only aim of public participation. We at the Paperhut Project take some small and some large projects requiring large participation from the general public cutting across the borders, ethnicity, race, religion and creed.

At paperhut dreams come true, dreams of one and dreams of all. The Paperhut Project took its inspiration from the SETI project which efficiently used the computing resources of hundreds of millions of people to find the signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Paperhut goes one step forward by not bounding itself with some limited subject matter but with an open one.

At paperhut you choose, you decide, you participate, you are the Lord of this Project and your will shall be done. At paperhut all the members start one of their projects or participate in one of the running project. Whether we should go for a project or not will be decided by the members themselves by voting. After a project has been selected it will be displayed on the site with its current status and others member can join the project. The project creator will have the final say if he or she wants an individual in his or her project or not.

But even if your project is not selected by the other members you can carry on with your project. It may be because the members could feel that the project is not good enough or promising one. But a few members could feel the contrary. So such projects will be displayed at particular location. Other members could go through your project regularly and can give suggestion for making it more acceptable. But the project will go on, in the background, by the smaller group.

Each project should have at least one creator and one member. The project page should clearly identify the objective of the project and its description. The project page will also list the current members of the group. In addition the project should have a clear deadline and current status should be displayed.

Required Code Developers, Photographers and Illustrators
Please contact at