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Paperhut Project

Paperhut OpenBook

This project is for those who have a penchant for writing. Originally envisioned as a platform for displaying ones writing skills, it was quickly adapted to the colors of The Paperhut Project- participation, participation of people. At Paperhut OpenBook the members work on some selected plots and add characters, twists-n-turns and sub-plots.

In addition to regular roll-outs from the shelves of OpenBook project it has been planned to create a universe in which to plot a series of stories, such as the Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings or the Empire in the Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. It’s a thing of future and will be a very large scale project requiring a lots of time, lots of skills and a lots of participation.

OpenBook project has already rolled-out three books. These are Pictures from the City of Joy, Love You, and Road to El-Dorado. “Pictures from the City of Joy” is a travel literature while Love You and Road to El-Dorado are short stories. “Love You” deals with some dark themes where as “Road to El-Dorado” is based on a controversial theme. These roll-outs are result of individual efforts even then they are very much part of the OpenBook project.

Happy Reading ... Happy Writing ...

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