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Paperhut Project

Terms and Conditions

The Paperhut Project is an open-ended project run by its members themselves. By joining this project you here by agree to its terms and conditions.
Paperhut Project was conceived by its founder(s) as a project. But with some subtle modifications it was brought into its current form. Paperhut Project is not affiliated to anyone; its members may or may not have any affiliation with any kind of organization or group but that does not makes the project affiliated with that organization.
Paperhut has no legal liability for any kind of problems caused by the project or its members. But we assure that the project will not cause any kind of trouble to anyone. If you feel any kind of problem you could visit the PROBLEM page and submit your problems and it could be sorted out.
All the copyrights and IPRs are acknowledged and a lot of care is taken so that no copyrights/ IPRs/ patents/ laws are infringed or violated by the project or its members. But if somehow any such error has crept in please inform the WEBMASTER or visit the PROBLEM page.
All the original matter available at the PROJECT site belongs to the Paperhut Project and is copyrighted. If you are using the material please acknowledge the COPYRIGHT and mention the Paperhut Project.

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